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Want to book but still have questions ?  Spend some time here to get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding our services !



What if I want to shoot for more than an hour?

Upon booking with Ninalei you will get 1 hour of shooting time for studio, products, and on-location shoots. You receive 45 minutes for headshot photography.  Time can be added in 30 minute increments for $30 each increment.


If you have a major project (a project that requires multiple locations, at least 6 people, and/or at least 2 hours), packages can be customized that are both affordable for the client and sensible for the shooter. 

It's very important that you are on time for your session as there may be other clients waiting. If you do not book additional time, your session ends at the time it was originally booked.


Is there a travel fee for any address outside of Atlanta?

Yes. I do offer on-location shoots where I will perform photography services at a studio or location of your choice. The location is the place YOU secure.  If the address is outside of Atlanta, GA there is a $30 travel fee. 

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Where is your studio ?

Ninalei is a freelance photographer who has a home studio in South Fulton (for headshot photography).  For full studio looks we can operate out of any content studio. The studio for the shoot is dependent on your vision. 

The final address for the shoot will be shared upon booking with confirmation email detailing final price. 

Content studios are shared spaces with other creatives. For major projects we can ensure a studio is closed off to others. For high profile clients please book a consultation to ensure we can meet your needs.  


Do you have props?

We do not carry any props; however, we can work with anything you would like to shoot with except smoke bombs, confetti, and glitter.

We do have a black throne chair for rent ($50) and may have roses depending on the month. We also may be able to photoshop some of your needs !

As always, please ensure to book a consultation to discuss your needs to ensure we can turn your vision into reality !


05.    WORK TIMES 

Please know that after your session it can take up to 72hrs to receive unedited images. After you make your selections, final retouches can take up to 7 business days.

Other details you should know!

Please ensure hair and make-up are done and you are shoot ready. There will only be a short time allotted for minor touch-ups. 

All unedited images will be sent to you (watermarked). Once your selected images are edited those images will be deleted. 

If you do not see your desired time slot contact us today as we may be able to accommodate you free of charge !

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